• Bosch Rexroth

Our Quality Policy

Top management of the firm has created a quality policy compatible with its goals and the requirements of the Quality Management System. The quality policy is reviewed according to the ever changing goals and requirements; hence, the Quality Management System is always improved and remains efficient.
Quality objectives have been created by taking our quality policy into account. Such quality objectives cover all the activity fields of the firm.
Quality objectives as well as the quality policy are defined within the scope of the Quality Management System; and all the employees are required to adopt and internalize them. The quality policy is reviewed in the Review meetings regularly held by the management and its compliance to the goals and requirements is always ensured. “In order to monitor the needs and expectations of the market all the time, to steer the process according to the acquired data, to train the employees according to the new processes, and to design the right product expected by the market and to ensure the customers’ access to it”, we make the commitment “to improve the Quality Management System, to implement the production planning system efficiently with the aim of meeting the demands of customers without fail, to steer the demands of the market by producing high-tech and high-quality products, and to ensure the employees of Hidropol Engineering to expertise in the fields of product groups and processes.